Scale Changer Harmonium CP 010


Nine scale changer portable professional harmonium with three sets of reeds. Available in three playing octaves. You can change the scale up to three & three forth octave. (Four notes up and down from natural).

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  • Technical specifications:
  • Playing octave three.
  • Multi-fold bellow.
  • Six standing notes.
  • Teak wood cabinet.
  • Three sets reed. (Two vertical, One horizontal)
  • International pitch (A=440Hz).
  • Portable variety.

Octave coupling system.

Special features:

Scale display label: It helps you to change the scale without looking down at the changing knob.
Coupling system: – This system provides you a unique facility. While you are playing a particular note the sound of the same note of lower octave will set it automatically.
You can change the scale as and when required.
It is in the form of a locked suitcase, thus can easily be carried from one place to another.
Minimum space occupied while keeping.
Easy to preserve the instrument from dust, heat and light.


Additional information


Cherry, Mahoguny, Natural wood gloss finish


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