• This price is valid for Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England (Including Ireland, Scotland, Wales) France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Monaco, The Netherlands, San Marino, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, UAE, USA, New Zealand only.
  • Price includes door delivery and online payment charges anywhere in the above-mentioned countries. This price doesn’t include any local Taxes, duties etc which may be applicable by the local importing authorities.
  • All or any order above US$200 must be supported by the Photo ID ((Ex: – Driving license /passport etc) of the buyer. The ID may be sent to us as an email attachment.
  • Goods once sold cannot be taken back or returned. For all your further queries we are just a mail away.
  • Subjected to Kolkata jurisdiction only.
  • No charge back claim will be entertained after one month from the date of receiving the product.

You will be happy to hear that till date we have to face such a situation where the buyer has requested to return the instrument. Goods once sent out of the country cannot be taken back or returned. In case the order is cancelled before the material is shipped out the advance payment will be returned.