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International Workshop

Repairing Work Shops round the Globe.

International Workshop

We have tried to provide our customers with best quality products and services. Once we started exporting our products to different parts of the world we found that many people have harmoniums which needs repairing and tuning. This included all major branded and unbranded products.

As we are all aware that repairing instruments like harmonium is a challenging job in the western world, mainly because of non availability of skilled work force. We found that it’s a hindrance to the entire acoustic industry. We all would love to retain our instruments for future generations. We wanted to bridge this gap, we wanted to offer harmonium lover a long sustainable solution to this problem. We came up with the idea to conducting repairing and tuning solution in different locations of the world.

USA: – It all started in 2005 our first repairing workshop outside Kolkata was conducted in New York. We participated in the 25 th North American Bengali Conference (NABC) showcasing our products and services.

USA Workshop

South Africa :- Then we took about 7 years to understand the possibly to make trips viable , In 2013 we went to South Africa and successfully served more than 40 instruments in a record time span of 35 days.

South Africa-2014

Australia: – There after we didn’t look back, we have been to Australia in 2015.Sydney was a dream city to visit. We met new people and understood their issue and come-up with the idea of organizing lecture demonstration sessions on maintenance of instrument as we found people mostly don’t know the maintenance of instrument.


New Zealand: – We have been to New Zealand in 2016. We had an ever-bigger event in New Zealand we organised the workshop in 2 different cities – Christchurch and Auckland. We have been encouraged by a community radio in Christchurch to showcase our presence and make people aware of our presence.

NewZealand workshop

Canada:- 2017 was most successful so far, our trip to Canada – Toronto we served more than 50 harmoniums from multiple brands, unfortunately we rejected many more because we were running out of time. We thoroughly enjoyed serving people and helping them to continue perusing their passion for music.


South Africa:- 2018 we are gladly that Disha Music centre has invited us again in South Africa – Johannesburg. We are thankful for all the love of people we received so far.

Australia again 2019 :- It was Sydney again in association with Dan Studio – Sydney. Yet another feather on our cap. We have served more than 70 people. Meeting all the top musicians and artists of Sydney. Sir Abhijit Sarkar, Mrs. Kakoli Mukherjee, Sri Aman Paul, Sri Abhijit Dan, Srimati Srijani Ghosh are some of them. We are over welled by the response.

Australia Workshop

Pakrashi is the only harmonium company so for which has so many International Workshop’s to its credit.

We are thankful to all our staff, our customer and well wishers for entertaining us and allowing us to extend presence. We are truly thankful to each and everyone who made this a success. We will try and continue this journey of service and reach people in the deepest concerns of the world.

So, in case you are facing the same problem do let us know. We can always arrange for a workshop in your city. We will be more than happy to do so.